Pressure Washing

Shamrock Window and Gutter Cleaning offers a variety of pressure washing services:

Shamrock Pressure Washing Services Chicago

Sidewalks & Driveways (Flatwork)

We can clean built-up dirt on your hard surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, retaining walls, etc... Our highly skilled cleaning technicians will provide a free quote, courteous and timely service and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

We pay special attention to making sure the concrete pavement is not careful of inexperienced pressure washers that apply too much psi onto the surface eventually destroying it. In the wrong hands, a pressure washer can damage your home.

Dirt, Grime, Mildew & Algae

Your property can host all types of dirt and grime making your property unsightly. Some types of soil need low pressure, some need higher pressure and some need cleaning agent application to effectively remove the grime and get the surface looking bright and clean again.

Please contact us for a quote.